Alphabet of Peculiar Creatures (The Alphabet of Peculiar Creatures)


Do you allow giggling in your library?  I hope so.  It's gonna be happenin' when the kids find this one over in the 590s.  This is one of those books everybody stands in line to check out.

What have we got here?  We've got a collection of some of the cutest, most charming animals with some of the most unpronounceable names that you've ever come across.  We're trottin' through the alphabet animal by animal and discovering some faces and tails and smelly feet that are exotic and hilarious.

The illustrations make you smile and the descriptions make you say things like, "Oh, gross, " or "COOOOOOL."  Let's do some examples:  Do you know any animals whose eyes are heavier than their brains?  Try this one:  Know any animals who can lick their own ears?  Need a new pet? Why not try the animal who smells like buttered popcorn?

You get the idea.  All the kids who love those fact books that have really extreme info are going to love this.  All the kids who just love animal books are going to love this.  All the kids who desperately need to laugh hysterically or shout GROSS are going to love this.  26 wild and crazy guys and gals...all animals who inhabit our planet are waiting to be discovered here.

Heck, you're going to love this.  Get your coffee or your tea and sit down with this one. You deserve the fun and the facts.

32 pages 978-1610678346 Ages 4-9

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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