Alligator vs. Crocodile (Animals Head to Head)


"In the last 60 years American alligators have only killed 18 people.  "Around the world crocodiles kill up to 1,500 people every year."  Bring it on!

So, how big is an American alligator? Is he or she as big as a saltwater croc?  Where are the most vulnerable spots on their bodies?  Who can hold her breath the longest?  If you have an underwater battle, who will win?

This excitement infused non-fiction adventure calculates the differences between crocs and gators and assigns points to each in different categories.  At the end of the book the points are tallied up to see who would have the advantage and win on that day that the saltwater croc and the American alligator met head to head.  Great info and exciting build-up to the final score.

32 pages    978-1410923950   Ages 7-11

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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This book pits awesome alligators against terrifying crocodiles, awarding points for survival skills such as strength, size, hunting ability, and camouflage. At the end of the book, the points are added up to discover the overall winner. But which animal will it be? Read this book to find out!--from the publisher

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