A & L Do Summer

A & L Do Summer
The story takes place in Cottonwood Creek, Iowa. The main characters are best friends; Aspen and Laurel. The story is told from Aspen’s point of view, which works very
The two girls are juniors in high school and get involved in several misadventures, some ofwhich involve the police. For example, Laurel hatches a plan to put some pigs in the principal’s office. The girls do not act on this, but Laurel puts the idea out on Facebook. The school bullies follow through and let the pigs loose in the administration building. The girls find out about it and try to get the pigs out of the school in the middle of the night. That night Aspen meets Clay, a friend of her brother’s and is very interested in him.
During the summer, the girls encounter several other adventures with the school bullies and the police usually involved.
I highly recommend this book for mature readers. They will easily identify with the characters and the author keeps the reader wondering what the girls will get into next. Will the girls find the boy of their dreams during the summer? There is a situation involving alcohol, which I believe is handled well.
Recommended by Karen Limbaugh, MLIS, Retired High School Librarian, California

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