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Girl Stolen

Girl Stolen is a young-adultthriller that delivers. It's a real page-turner with a twist. Cheyenne Wilder is having a bad day. She has pneumonia and is waiting in the Escalade for her stepmother to fill a prescription for her. Feeling ill, Cheyenne is resting under a blanket in the back seat when her whole world goes crazy!

Someone gets in the SUV and starts driving. Cheyenne knows it's not her stepmother--she can smell cigarette smoke but her stepmother doesn't smoke. Cheyenne can sense the intruder but can't see him. You see, Cheyenne is not only ill, she is legally blind.

Griffin thought he was stealing a "sweet" ride but gets more than he bargained for. How was he to know there was a sixteen-year old blind girl with pneumonia in the back seat? Now he's not just a car thief--he's a kidnapper. If Roy finds out, Griffin is in real trouble.

Two sixteen-year old kids caught up in a crime gone horribly wrong. Readers will root for Cheyenne--she's spunky, tough, resilient, and smart. Readers will yearn for Griffin to do the right thing. Bestselling author April Henry has another winner on her hands. 224 pages

Highly recommended for YA collections. Grades 7-high school. This novel is available September 28, 2010.

Recommended by Pamela Thompson

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Girl Stolen 2013-01-28 20:05:10 Amber
It was OK / I liked it / I LOVED THIS BOOK! 
Reviewed by Amber    January 28, 2013
Last updated: February 08, 2013

This book is amazing! It's very interesting how she survived in a different environment being blind. I will read this book again soon.

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