Ziggy and the Black Dinosaurs: Lost in the Tunnel of Time


Ten-year-old Ziggy and his three friends learn that their school has secret long-lost tunnels dug beneath it. The tunnels were used in the Underground Railroad to hide the slaves. Down the boys go and they find a room with old school records in it. Oh is that all? And then suddenly a trap door opens and the boys are falling.

112 pages 978-0689879128 Ages 8-12

Recommended by: Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


"In Lost in the Tunnel of Time, the boys discover their hometown was a stop on the Underground Railroad and are excited to explore the part of the tunnel that is right under their school. When a trapdoor slams behind them, locking them in the tunnel, there's only one thing they can do -- plunge deeper and deeper into the darkness. Where will the tunnel lead them? And will the old, crumbling walls hold until they find their way to the end?"--from the publisher

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