Wishing for Tomorrow: A Sequel to A Little Princess

Wishing for Tomorrow:  A Sequel to A Little Princess

Have you ever finished a book and felt that there must be more to the story? Perhaps there were characters left behind and you wanted to know their stories, too. Author Hilary McKay re-read the classic tale “A little princess” by Frances Hodgson Burnett with her own daughter and they both found themselves wanting more, and to find out what happened at Miss Minchin’s Select Seminary for Young Ladies after Sara Crewe was rescued by the mysterious Indian Gentleman and…guess what? Hilary McKay wrote the rest of the story! Enter these pages and discover the Ermengarde you never knew existed behind the dull exterior, the stammer, and the struggles with learning and with making friends; an Ermengard with backbone and also a most wonderful Aunt Eliza. Meet Alice, who came from Epping to take scullery maid Becky’s place and who accomplishes the unthinkable. Find out why Lavinia was always so mean to Sara, and what she discovers she really wants when she meets the new neighbors who take the place of the recently-departed Indian Gentleman, Sarah, and Becky.You’ll learn as well some snippets of how Sarah’s life has changed, but the focus in this sequel is on the girls “left behind” at Miss Minchin’s Seminary and how the time they spent with “a little princess” changed all of their lives for the better. The language and tone of this brilliantly- written sequel bring a sense of closure to those who loved the original classic story. “Wishing for tomorrow” will surely bring a new generation back in touch with the beloved classic and will perhaps leave readers begging for another installment! Ages  9-13  288 pages  ISBN:  978-1442401709

Recommended by: Shari Shaw, B.A., M.L.I.S., Livonia Public Schools, Michigan, USA

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