Who Would Win: Tarantula vs. Scorpion


Care for a bowl of roasted tarantulas?  Looking for a light snack and thinking..."Oh, a nice scorpion would be perfect?"

Fact:  "People in China eat millions of scorpions per year."

What would happen if a tarantula and a scorpion ran into each other and decided to have a fight?  Who would win?

This informational independent reader is packed with facts about scorpions, like where do a scorpions and tarantulas keep their poison and which of these arachnids throws up on its prey?  (Note:  This is a trick question.)

Disgusting, thrilling facts fill these pages leading to the final dramatic fight scene that happens one evening as the sun goes down and scorpion steps out of its burrow.  Suddenly, tarantula jumps on scorpion.  What's going to happen?  Who will win?

32 pages     978-0545301725     Ages  6-10

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