Willa and the Book of Malediction


This is a great young teen book. Some younger kids may enjoy it as well. I will be reading it to my 6 year old daughter. She is bored with books for her age group, and this is a perfect book for us to read together. This is a great story with an adventure and two sisters trying to get their parents back together. This story is filled with secrets taht all end up being revealed by the end of the book. Willa is the book nerd, quiet 11 year old girl. She is called "Will the weirdo". She gets bullied a lot by the school bully, Eleanora. She doesn't get along with her sister, Clementine. But that all changes one night. Clementine, or Teeny, is Willa's boy crazy, older sister. She is the opposite of Willa, that's for sure. The sisters remind me of my younger sister and myself. Except I was the book nerd and she was the boy crazy one. When they find out their mom lied to them and they stumble upon a new store in Town called Magic in Me. This store changes everything. It changes their lives. The changes start at the store, but more changes happen because of an old book. Now the adventure starts. I am not going to go in detail because I'm not going to give anything away. You have to read this great story. Willa is on an adventure getting her parents back together, learning about consequences and, most importantly, about herself. "I could become so much more than just Willa Name. Willa the weirdo was gone. Willa the witch was here to stay. The child of malediction." Ages 11-13, Recommended by Tonya Allen (beta reader, reviewer, blogger)

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