Wicked Within (Darkness Becomes Her, 3)


Fast paced and thrilling, set in the backdrop of a ruined New Orleans, and rife with creepy, crawl-y things that beg for the cover of the night, The Wicked Within does not disappoint.Ari is on a mission to find the cure that will release her from  the Gorgon curse that will turn her into a Gorgon by her next birthday. If she can stop it and figure out a way to save love interest Sebastian from himself and what he's become, she may be able to defeat Athena once and for all. The stakes are high and Athena wants everything.Ari must find the Hands of Zeus, bring Athena's baby back to her, claim a cure for impending curse, fix Sebastian and possibly raise an ancient, possibly and quite probably evil  god from his eternal sleep. Ari seeks the help and vision of the River Witch for answers. Little Violet, always the  enigma, is more of a puzzle than ever and holds  secrets that may save all of them.Sparks fly between Ari and Sebastian, but they are ill-fated and not meant to be together. Henri provides Ari's much needed sidekick and side love interest, but the plot does not stray far from killing ancient gods and trying to stop Ari's impending doom. Love takes a back seat to the more important things--like staying alive and staying human--and for that I love The Wicked Within. It's hard to think about romance when ancient gods and their minions can pop up anywhere and everywhere.Does Ari dare to seek help by raising an ancient, unknown god who may desire much more than even Athena does? Or does she dare trust Athena to keep her word--even though Athena's been known to be capricious and spoiled in the past? Can Ari save Sebastian and their love? Will Sebastian give up everything for the girl he loves?

Fans of the series will love The Wicked Within! If you haven't read the first two books, what are you waiting for? This is the most fun you can have with ancient Greek gods!Highly, highly recommended for paranormal fans and readers of the series. Grade 7-up, some steamy scenes. Caution: language! The author uses swear words in this book--it does not seem necessary and I will caution the language here. F-bombs a few times.

Editor's Note:  We are recommending this for ages  14 and up     9781442493162   280 pages

Recommended by:  Pamela Thompson, Library Media Specialist, Texas USA

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