When Dr. Xray crashes through the skylight at the Mall shouting, "Run, puny fools, " to all the grown-up shoppers and their bags, it's only the little girl with the pigtails and the red polka dot dress who stops, stays and asks him the all-important question, "Why?"

Our bad guy supervillain is the perfect partner for this little one who just wants to understand how the world works.  As she succinctly questions her quarry, she leads him on a journey of hilarious self-discovery.

Can one word save the world?

Hilarious, imaginative, an ode to knitting, and a glorious spotlight on the complexity of the adult world as seen through the basic question of a child.

32 pages                        978-1452168630                                     Ages 5-8

Keywords:  supervillain, curiosity, determination, humor, size, truth, fun, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old


This sweet book will appeal to anyone familiar with the universal tendency of young children to always ask WHY? When supervillain Doctor X-Ray swoops in threatening to vanquish an innocent crowd, the only one brave enough not to run away is a little girl, who asks him simply, "Why?" He is taken aback—but he answers. She keeps asking. And he keeps answering—until a surprising truth is uncovered, and the villain is thwarted. In this laugh-out-loud take on the small-and-determined-beats-big-loud-bully story, simple questions lead to profound answers in a quest that proves the ultimate power of curiosity.---from the publisher

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