What Will We Do With the Baby-O

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What Will We Do With the Baby-O

If you have a new baby at your house and you finally have enough energy to think about reading and playing with this small bundle, sometimes you don't know where to begin. Equally if you are a daycare provider or a librarian doing story times for infants, you are always on the lookout for infant-friendly books. This is a great resource for activities you can do with one or a group of infants (as long as each one has an adult to play with). There are ten rhymes with instructions for what to do with baby as you recite the rhyme aloud. The illustrations are big bold colors with simple shapes that may capture a baby's eye. Some are lullabies that you rock your baby to and some are action bounces/dances. So, you can put baby in your lap or on your knee and bounce them as you sing or tell the rhyme. The rhythm and the repetition are great basic skills for all babies. They need this kind of interaction to build those neural pathways. So whether you're headed to St. Ives, rocking one baby in a tree, or trotting to Boston (or whatever your own hometown might be), you can jiggle and giggle and excite them and generally whoop it up. This is the good stuff. Enjoy! 32 pages

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