Welcome to Silver Street Farm

Welcome to Silver Street Farm

The friends don't agree on when their dream began.  Was it that day on the merry-go-round, or when Auntie Nat bought two poodles, or on the first day of kindergarten?  Whenever the idea first took root, Gemma, Meera, and Karl long to start a farm right in their city of Lonchester.  However, that is easier said than done when they: 1) don't have any animals, and 2) have no place to keep them. 

Things begin to change one day when Meera joins her friends on the merry-go-round in the park with big news: an abandoned railroad station is the perfect location.  Despite her companions' concerns that the city council would never agree to the plan, the natural leader of the trio leads the hopeful farmers on an expedition to the station.  Meanwhile, Karl's Auntie Nat finds her dream of owning poodles about to be realized: someone is selling two puppies for a price she can afford. After she returns home with her treasures, the sleeping babies in the pet carrier awaken--and, to Auntie Nat's surprise, open their mouths and say "Baa!"  And the menagerie grows when five "rotten" duck eggs that have come into Gemma's possession turn into five little ducklings. 

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (or farm), Gemma, Meera, and Karl agree that the Silver Street Station is where their farm should be,  and decide publicity is a great way to get the backing they need for city council approval. A TV spot, complete with lambs and ducklings, is only the beginning of the campaign --for the city is planning to use the location for a multi-story parking lot.  The efforts of the three
BFFs--with the help of some unexpected friends--as they do battle with a pompous councilman make for a delightful adventure, spiced with a healthy dose of humor. 

Nicola Davies, the author of a number of nonfiction titles for kids, makes her fiction debut with this series.   Kids who like animal and friendship stories, or a funny tale, will enjoy reading about Gemma, Meera, and Karl.  A map of the farm is an added bonus, and animal footprints at the bottom of every page add to the fun.  Young readers are sure to look forward to more stories about the Silver Street Farm.  72
pages.  Ages 7-10

Recommended by Barbara Karp, Librarian, New York, USA


  1. Gemma, Meera, and Karl, three city friends, have wanted to create a real city farm since they were in kindergarten.  Once some baby farm animals unexpectedly cross their path, they look closely at an old abandoned train station and start believing their dream just might become a reality.  With the help of a news station, the police, and regular citizens, they can face the one obstacle stopping them:  city council.  Read to find out if these animal lovers get their wish!
  1. Recommended by: Jenny Newstead, School Librarian, Mt. Holly Elementary, Rock Hill, SC USA

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