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Deep Blue (Waterfire Saga:Book One)

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The day is coming fast when Serafina will face the world at her Dokimi ceremony.  She'll have to prove she is of royal blood; she'll have to demonstrate the power of her magical abilities; she will have her betrothal ceremony to the crown prince, Mahdi, a young man she loves but has not seen for several years.

On this day she is waking from her ivory scallop shell bed and finding herself in the direct gaze of her mother, the regent, whose high standards and expectations Serafina can never seem to reach.

Does Serafina have what it will take to be the next in line for the throne?  In a world dominated by women Serafina doubts herself and doubts her betrothed after overhearing spiteful gossip from the lips of a jealous competitor and daughter of a house of powerful nobility nearly equal to the rank of Serafina herself.

This is a story of powerful magic that keeps the peace between the great kingdoms deep under the sea and balances the powers in a world of mermaids and mermen.  This is a story of one mermaid princess who awakens from a dark dream one morning to find herself cast into a swirling chaos of intrigue, danger and great loss.

In a world reminiscent of Disney's Ariel Serafina grows up fast and needs to find her inner reserves in order to save her people and her kingdom. What can one mermaid do against a rising dark force?  What meaning does the dark dream hold and is it real or is it simply a product of her own imagination?

This is a turbulent coming of age story set under the sea and seasoned with subtle touches of romance, friendship, humor and betrayal.  What begins as brightly as any Disney movie, quickly morphs into a fantasy miles beyond the world of Ariel and her friends.  This is no little mermaid.  Here is a mermaid  cast into a dark place with no rules to follow and no mother to guide her.  Her destiny awaits her in a land of conch shells, zee-zees, and a dark and powerful monster about to be unleashed into the world.

Serafina swims for her life and in search of her own inner strength and powers, answers to the puzzle of her dream and finds friendship, woman power, treachery and a man, not of her family's choosing, who may prove to be her match.  Layers of story draw us deeper and deeper into this  world that holds many secrets.  This is a coming of age story laced with fears and dangers and the universal quest to find ourselves and our power amidst guile and ambition.  The seeds of an epic adventure are sewn here laying down a new mythology that pulses with the promise of gripping adventure, the elation of self-discovery, and the potential for a new unexpected love.  

I would fully expect book two to explode into a sisterhood adventure that will thrill.

323 pages   Ages  10 -15    978-1423133162

Recommended by:  Barb

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