Warriors #1: Into the Wild


For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by their ancestors. But the warrior code has been threatened, and the ThunderClan cats are in grave danger. The sinister ShadowClan grows stronger every day. Noble warriors are dying—and some deaths are more mysterious than others.

In the midst of this turmoil appears an ordinary housecat named Rusty… who may turn out to be the bravest warrior of them all.--from the publisher

288 pages        978-0060000028    Ages 10-13

Series includes:

Warriors series (beginning of the original Warriors series)

Into the Wild; Fire and Ice; Forest of Secrets; Rising Storm; A Dangerous Path; The Darkest Hour;

The New Prophecy series (the generation after the Warriors)

Midnight; Moonrise; Dawn; Starlight; Twilight; Sunset;

Power of Three series (the three kits of Thunderclan become apprentices)

The Sight; Dark River; Outcast; Eclipse; Long Shadows; Sunrise;

Omen of the Stars series (balance of the four clans is threatened)

The Fourth Apprentice; Fading Echoes; Night Whispers; Sign of the Moon; The Forgotten Warrior; The Last Hope;

Dawn of the Clans (return to the dawn of the Clans to see how the clans came to be)

The Sun Trail; Thunder Rising; The First Battle; The Blazing Star; Forest Divided; Path of Stars;

A Vision of Shadows (back to Thunderclan after Omen of the Stars)

The Apprentice's Quest; Thunder and Shadow; Shattered Sky; Darkest Night;


Ravenpaw's Path: Shattered Peace; A Clan in Need; The Heart of a Warrior; SkyClan and the Stranger: The Rescue; Beyond the Code; After the Flood


Firestar's Quest Bluestar's Prophecy SkyClan's Destiny Crookedstar's Promise Yellowfang's Secret Tallstar's Revenge Bramblestar's Storm

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Hello, Samuel.

Thank you so much for writing your comment on abookandahug.com. We are so glad Warriors is your favorite series. We like the Warriors series too. We listened to your comment and have changed the age range for the Warriors series so that Middle Readers can find it here. Thank you. We are also adding more Warriors titles to abookandahug.com. It will probably take us a few days to get them all on the site. Thank you so much for your excellent comments.--Barb Langridge
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(Updated: February 08, 2018)
warriors is my favorite series the only thing about this site is that it says its for older readers even though I have read warriors since I was 8 and another thing is where are the other books?I just finished the first series and I am on book 2 of the new prophecy but i love warriors I only get $6 for cleaning my room but i have to read warriors if someone that add books to a book and a hug is reading this please add some more warriors.
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Warrior cats is my favorite book series, and if you like fiction/fantasy, you'll enjoy it.
The first book is about a cat whom becomes a forest cat-a warrior, to be exact- and learns the ways of the forest cats and lives up to be a fan favorite. This volume carries on with rusty- Later Firepaw,Fireheart, and lastly Firestar- for 6 books, then it goes onto the next volume. there, so far, is 6 volumes and super editions and comics.
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