Waiting for Normal

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Waiting for Normal

Twelve year old Addie is very good at getting used to things. She has to be since she lives with her Mommers, an erratic, almost manic-depressive woman, who thinks small and acts big. Mommers isn't good with men, isn't good with money, and isn't good at being a mother. She has lost custody of Addie's two stepsisters, known as the "littles" and she is divorced from a good man, Dwight. Dwight is a bright light and a good dose of responsible, stable adulthood in Addie's life. So is an older woman named Soula who is "there" for Addie consistently despite her own battle with cancer. The thread of this story follows Addie through the times when her mother abandons her for days and goes off with a new man, Pete. Addie counts the cans and boxes in the cupboard to know how many meals she has left. This is not a childhood. It's survivalhood but Addie's heart and spirit do not flag. She is tested painfully at Christmas when she spends some time with Dwight, the littles and Dwight's new wife. There she truly finds the spirit of Christmas and a home. Back "home" Addie is keenly aware that Mommers is readying herself for another vacation from being Addie's mother. Resilient, self-reliant and full of hope, Addie pulls at your heart and earns your respect. A great journey. 264 pages

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WAITING FOR NORMAL by Leslie Connor, Trailer by Sarah Loch


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