Very Beary Tooth Fairy

Very Beary Tooth Fairy

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Scholastic February 2013

Delightful and colorful illustrations will thrill young readers and art lovers of all ages. Using watercolors and graphite, illustrator Sarah S. Brannen brings young Zach the bear to life.

  Zach lives with his mother and sister Leah and has been warned to stay away from humans because, “They are dangerous and unpredictable…” but Zach wanders too close to a campground and sees a human family. He spies on them and sees a boy asking his mother about his loose tooth. The boy’s mother tells him to leave the tooth alone and later it will come out and he can leave it under his pillow in hopes that the tooth fairy will visit. Zach wonders if the tooth fairy is a bear or a human. He asks his mother if the tooth fairy could be a bear. She tells him that anyone can be a bear.

  The next day, Zach loses his tooth and worries if the tooth fairy is human she might be dangerous. When the fairy visits, she explains that she is a bear. She leaves Zach money and the picture of Sandy Koufax over his bed magically changes into a bear-like Sandy Koufax and Zach’s human-looking doll is magically turned into a bear.

  Recommended age 3-up. This is a cute book with beautiful art and a kind message. The fact that humans are dangerous and unpredictable may be frightening for some little ones unless it is explained that bears might fear humans.

  Recommended by: Pamela Thompson, Library Media Specialist, Texas USA

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