Under Locker and Key


It's the boys locker room and the eighth graders will come back in ten minutes to change out of their gym clothes.  But for now there is the little matter of the wallet that is currently in a backpack where it doesn't belong.  Clock is ticking.  Jeremy Wilderson is working.  No sweating.  No worrying.  He's cool and he knows he can do it.

Sixth grader Carrie Bethesda made the mistake of carrying a bunch of twenties around in her wallet at school.  Eighth grader Adam Lowd noticed.  In the cafeteria there was a short bump and snatch crime and Carrie's wallet was gone.  But at this school when something goes missing or the bullies work their muscle on you, you have a champion, a go-to guy who knows how to get your stuff back... a retrieval specialist.

Jeremy is not a thief.  He doesn't steal from people. He gets things back for people.  All the kids at his middle school know where he lives and they show up at his back door when they need some help.  Case by case Jeremy has made an amazing reputation for himself.  No one bothers him. No one bullies him.  Everyone knows some day they might need him.

But this time, Jeremy has been tricked.  This time the good deed he did is being used against him.  This time he is going to have to team up with Becca Mills, his archenemy.  Becca has been watching Jeremy and waiting to catch him in the act. She doesn't like what he does and she wants his head on a platter.

Middle school takes on a new panache with a couple of kid detectives, a forger and a hacker running the show behind the scenes.  Cunning, ingenious and lots of fun.

256 pages     978-1481463430      Ages  9-12

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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Eleven-year-old Jeremy Wilderson teams up with his rival crime fighter to stop the stealing spree that’s wreaking havoc on Scottsville Middle School in this action-packed MAX novel.

Jeremy Wilderson is not a thief. In fact, he is his middle school’s one and only retrieval specialist. Confiscated cell phones, stolen lunch money—he’ll discretely retrieve it before the last bell rings. Business is good, and if it weren’t for the meddling of preteen private investigator Becca Mills, he’d be happier than a gym teacher on dodgeball day.

But a new job shatters his comfortable lifestyle. Now, thanks to Jeremy, the master key to the schools’ lockers is in the hands of an aspiring crime kingpin who doesn’t exactly have Jeremy’s strong moral character. Soon not even combination locks can protect the students’ textbooks and jackets. Retrieving the key is too big a job for one crime fighter, and only one person wants the key returned as much as Jeremy does: Becca Mills.

Lockers are being robbed, the teachers are looking for the culprit, and the only person Jeremy can turn to is the girl who most wants to see him in the principal’s office. Will Jeremy be able to trust Becca enough to get the key back in the right hands? Or could he end up in detention until the end of high school instead?--from the publisher

256 pages                 978-1481463430           Ages 9-12

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