The Legion, Book 1 Unbreakable


Chasing her cat, Elvis, through the night draws seventeen-year-old Kennedy Waters into a dark and eerie graveyard.  It's creepy to be out at night especially given all the rules her mother normally recites to her before she leaves the house and tonight is even creepier as she encounters a girl, a very ghostly girl.

Home safely Kennedy talks with her mom, agrees to go out to the movies with her best friend Elle despite the fact she might run into some friends of the boyfriend who dropped her when she wouldn't let him copy off her midterm test.  Seems he was only interested in kissing her and holding her hand when she was the prime candidate to help him pass his history class and hold onto his scholarship.

But returning from the movie Kennedy finds her life as she knows it has ended.  There on the bed lies her mother, eyes lifeless and finds herself launched into a world of a Vengeance spirit who tries to suck Kennedy's breath away and twin brothers, Jared and Lukas, demon fighters from a league known as the Legion who come to her defense in her own bedroom.

 Where did all of these mystical creatures come from?  Why her?  Why her mother?  As the heat between the characters rises, Kennedy is looking at trying to choose between two pretty hot guys as they are all three battling the supernatural forces turned loose in her world.  Does Kennedy truly belong in this world of powerful demon fighters?  Is she truly the next member of her family to assume membership in the Legion of the Black Dove?

Cinematic describes this  fast-paced, paranormal quest laced with equal parts of moments of spine-tingling horror and heated romance as the three fight to stay alive and search for something that may finally stop the power of the evil demon force.

Ages  13 and up   (Kissing, horror and violence) 305 pages  978-0316210188

Recommended by: Barb,

Read alikes:  Bloodlines by Rachelle Mead, Chemical Garden Trilogy by Lauren DiStefano,  Fallen series by Lauren Kate, Teardrop series by Lauren Kate, Hush Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

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