Ugly Cat and Pablo


It's a whole new day and Pablo can't wait to get over to his best friend, Ugly Cat's, house so they can start making plans. Pablo has a great imagination. He can see their next adventure in his mind's eye. It's going to be amazing.

But when he gets to Ugly Cat's house it looks like they might be going nowhere. Ugly Cat is in one of those lazy moods. Maybe they should just play with the guy next door, Big Mike, the English bulldog. But, you know, since they cornered Big Mike in his own backyard and rode him around like he was a rodeo dog, Big Mike isn't speaking to them.

Eventually they decide to head off to the local fair in search of some ice cream!  If they can scare a little girl, they can get some paletas all their own....

Spanish phrases and terms are sprinkled throughout Pablo's great ideas.

This is a pretty didactic story about the pricetag for bullying a good friend. More text than you would expect.

978-0545940917 Ages 7-10 112 pages

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,


Ugly Cat is dying for a paleta (ice pop) and his friend Pablo is determined to help him get one by scaring a little girl who is enjoying a coconut paleta in the park. Things go horribly wrong when, instead of being scared, the little girl picks Pablo up and declares that he would make great snack for her pet snake. Oh and there's also the small problem that Ugly Cat may have inadvertently swallowed Pablo in all of the commotion! --from the publisher, Scholastic

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