Tyrannosaurus Dad

Tyrannosaurus Dad

Tobias's dad just isn't like everybody else. Oh sure, he loves a good joke, magic tricks, eats meat and spends too much time working. But, you see, he is also a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Tobias accepts his dad most of the time but he wishes his dad didn't put in all those long hours. Field Day is coming up at school and Tobias is dropping lots of hints around the house to try to get his dad to put the work down and come over to spend some time with him at school. I'm sure plenty of dads look like big, powerful T-rexes to their sons and daughters and of course, plenty of kids will know that feeling of having a parent who spends more time at work than with the family. The story is a bit uneven as bullies show up at the field day and seemingly overcome the principal who is volunteering to ump the game. Can anyone save the day? Ages 5-8 32 pages


What if…your dad was an average, hard-working guy who just happened to be a tyrannosaurus rex? Would that change your world or would life just be, you know, normal but on a slightly larger scale (punny, right?)? You can explore all of these questions and more in Tyrannosaurus dad.

Tobias has an average life; he loves spending time with his dad and he loves playing baseball. He goes to school and he raises tropical fish. He has a paper route. Sooooo….normal, right? WRONG! Tobias’ dad is a T. REX! His teeth are as sharp as steak knives. Sure, he loves reading corny jokes and trying magic tricks. He’s a meat eater. But he’s really really big and green and he’s a dinosaur. He has to stand outside Tobias’ bedroom window to read him bedtime stories. But it’s reassuring to have such a big, green, scary dad—Tobias sleeps very well at night! The only problem is that dad works way too much. He brings his work home with him and Tobias can’t seem to get his attention long enough to get dad to commit to attending the school’s Family Field Day.

On the day of the event, Tobias leaves the house alone, sure he’s not going to be sharing the day with dad. To make matters worse, something AWFUL shows up at Field Day: the Chickenbone Gang, the toughest bullies in town. Immediately an argument breaks out over who’s going to be the ump for the game, since the regular umpire has the flu. Just in the nick of time, dad thunders up. “I’ll ump!” he roars, and he finds a peaceful way to even out the teams, ump the game, and make Family Field Day a success.

This fun story is made even more enjoyable by the humorous illustrations of Matthew Myers. The oil-on- illustration-board pictures fill the pages with emotion, hilarity, tongue-in-cheek humorous posters and ads and detail that beg to be pored over at close range. For added enjoyment, visit his site at www.myerspaints.com. Fans of the illustration styles of Mark Teague and David Shannon will ROAR with laughter over this new story.

Recommended by Shari Shaw, Librarian, Michigan

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