Two Princesses of Bamarre

Two Princesses of Bamarre

The two princesses, Meryl and Addie, are sisters. Meryl is bold and brave and will take on anything, while Addie is fearful and relies on her sister for protection in this frightful world. The day comes, however, when the tables turn, and Meryl becomes very ill. Only Addie can save her beloved sister. Great girl stuff as Addie has to rethink herself and find out what she's truly made of!

Ages 9-13. 272 pages ISBN: 978-0064409667

Prequel is The Lost Kingdom of Bamarre

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,


This story is about two sisters - one who is brave and the other shy. When an illness strikes down the brave sister, the other must strike out on her own on a quest to help save her sister's life. This is another book of magic and self-discovery.

272 pages

Recommended by:  Emma McDonald, Inspiring Teachers, Texas, USA

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