trees toni johnston know..sometimes you are going through a stack of books and then you get to one..and it just stops you.  You have to open it and you really, really hope it lives up to the pull you got when you first saw it.

This book is one of those books of those magnificent books...that gives you a place to go into.... to get to that magical place where great books take you.

The illustrations in this book are brilliant and filled with a love and a reverence for nature and boy do we need that reverence and nature these days.

When you open this book, before you even get to the title page, you get the shivers because right there is a tree being born and there is wonder in a tree being born..there is wonder.  How does it know how to do that?  How does that little seed send out that root and then start shaping a leaf?

Turn the page and a tree explodes into the sunlight to "love sky" and to "love all that blue above them."  What do trees do for us?  They reach the clouds and they spread out their limbs to hold the birds. Trees love the sky.  Trees have strong bark.  Trees are friends.

This is an ode our trees to thank them and recognize them for all they give to us day after day.   This is a wake up call to everyone who forgets to notice a tree.  It's an invitation to everyone who needs to see a tree and needs to feel the strength and caring of nature - Mother Nature- a wonder in our world.

How glorious to get to spend time introducing our children to the wonder of our trees- part of their world - with them every day and reaching to them in all times.

Thank you Toni Johnston and thank you Tiffany Bozic.   This Earth Day and all the Earth Days to come I hope someone will take a child outdoors to celebrate the wonder of a tree.

40 pages 978-1534475175 Ages 5-10

Keywords: trees, connection, nature, wonder, Earth Day, gratitude, forest, web of life, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old

Recommended by: Barb Langridge,


Explore a fantastical forest in this exquisite and lyrical picture book that celebrates all trees, from maple to elm to ginkgo to magnolia to redwood—written by award-winning author Tony Johnston.

Part poetry, part celebration of nature, each page of this stunning book brings readers deeper into the majestic world of trees. Old trees. Trees with shiny leaves shimmering after rain. And at night, trees holding out their limbs for the stars. Debut illustrator Tiffany Bozic created her striking artwork by painting directly on tree bark and the authenticity shines through in this meditative work.---from the publisher

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