Treasure Island


"The most popular pirate story ever written in English, featuring one of literature’s most beloved “bad guys,” Treasure Island has been happily devoured by several generations of boys—and girls—and grownups. Its unforgettable characters include: young Jim Hawkins, who finds himself owner of a map to Treasure Island, where the fabled pirate booty is buried; honest Captain Smollett, heroic Dr. Livesey, and the good-hearted but obtuse Squire Trelawney, who help Jim on his quest for the treasure; the frightening Blind Pew, double-dealing Israel Hands, and seemingly mad Ben Gunn, buccaneers of varying shades of menace; and, of course, garrulous, affable, ambiguous Long John Silver, who is one moment a friendly, laughing, one-legged sea-cook . . . and the next a dangerous pirate leader!

The unexpected and complex relationship that develops between Silver and Jim helps transform what seems at first to be a simple, rip-roaring adventure story into a deeply moving study of a boy’s growth into manhood, as he learns hard lessons about friendship, loyalty, courage and honor—and the uncertain meaning of good and evil."--from the publisher


"Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum! When Jim Hawkins discovers a map in the old sea chest he little guesses of the danger and excitement which lie a head. Joining the crew of the Hispaniola, Jim sets sail for Treasure Island in search of Captain Flint's treasure. but with a slippery crew, and the infamous Long John Silver as ship's cook mutiny is in the air and Jim must draw on all his resources to survive...published in 1883, Treasure Island is a swashbuckling tale, and a true children's classic."--from the publisher

352 pages           978-0753412152         Ages 9-12

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