The Missing: Torn, Book Four



     As the story opens, present day brother and sister Katherine and Jonah find themselves time shifted to the year 1611 after having been involved in adventures in the year 1600 in the Roanoke Colony (See Sabotaged, Book 3 in the Missing Series, or better yet, begin with Book 1 Found then Book 2 Sent.). Not only are they in a time approximately four-hundred years before their own “present time,” they are on the ship Discovery with Henry Hudson and his crew as they seek the Northwest Passage.

    Katherine and Jonah must correct “mistakes” made by other time travelers to put events back into proper order. While attempting to accomplish this, they are in the middle of a mutiny by Henry Hudson’s crew. They are guided through most of the book by a voice known as JB through the Elucidator, a small box Jonah keeps with him. By following ghostly images called tracers, Katherine and Jonah are able to see the original path history took. Their efforts are complicated by the treachery of JB’s former colleague named Second.

    Henry Hudson’s search for the Northwest Passage failed.

Disclaimer: This is the fourth book in the series, and I have not read any of the previous three. This is important because after reading the book, I strongly recommend reading the others, at least the first, before reading this installment. There were references to prior events that could be confusing if one read this book first. In addition, some of the vocabulary particular to this series would take less time to understand in relationship to the action in the story.

978-1416989813 365 pages Ages 9-12

Recommended by: Kate Stehman, Librarian, Pennsylvania USA

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