Too Much Flapdoodle

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Too Much Flapdoodle

In this companion novel to No More Nice and No More Nasty, 12-year-old Parker has to stay with Great-Aunt Matilda and Great-Uncle Philbert on their farm while his parents travel around the world. How will he survive in a place with no TV, no internet, no electricity, and no cell-phone service (or even a telephone)? Won't having to do chores be bad for his asthma? This is a boy who is bullied by kids and by life and who has brought no self-confidence with him in his suitcase. But he has come to the right place with his savvy Great Aunt and Great Uncle who know a thing or two about being unconventional and creating a life on your own terms. When the family farm is threatened by a new interstate highway, Simon has a chance to find a new and better version of himself. 192 pages

Contributed by Barbara Karp

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