Throne of Glass, Book 1

Throne of Glass, Book 1

Celaena Sardothien brutally lost her parents as a girl, was taken in and trained as an assassin, was punished for her crimes by being sent to the salt mines of Endovier where she was beaten within inches of her life. Now she has been taken by the Crown Prince to compete for the right to be the new royal assassin, which in the end, will give her freedom, something that she has never had.

    To earn the job as the royal assassin, she must defeat all of the opponents, all men who are thieves, warriors, assassins and worse. She trains with the Captain of the Guard, and week after week, stays in the competition. But thieves, warriors, and assassins aren’t the only enemy that must be defeated. Creatures from the underworld are being summoned in a kingdom where magic has been outlawed and her opponents are showing up slain and mutilated.

    Celaena must not only survive to win her freedom, but must also survive to fulfill her destiny.

Honesty first....I’m really out of my comfort genre on this book.... and totally out of the loop on the excitement surrounding the release of Throne of Glass. I haven’t read the prequels, didn’t see it on Fiction Press, and on and on. It’s being marketed as a teen girl version of Game of Thrones, which I’ve also not read....or seen series. With that being said....I really liked it and give it 4 out of 5 stars. The first thing I liked about Throne of Glass was the strong female character. Celaena, having lost her parents as a girl and then taken in and trained as an assassin is strong beyond belief... physically, mentally, and emotionally. She knows what her abilities are, knows how to train for them and hone them. She’s smart, she’s cunning, and she’s funny. She’s also girly, which kind of throws me with her character, but it works, as it adds a whole other dimension to her character.

    The second thing that I liked about Throne of Glass were the relationships.

    The relationship between Celaena and Chaol is full of tension. Waters are tested in this relationship. He is her protector, her confidant, and her friend. But he wants more. I love the tension in this relationship that builds throughout the book, and the raw emotions that lay just below each of their surfaces. I’m eager for the next book to see where this relationship will go. The relationship between Celaena and Dorian has many dynamics. He is a handsome prince with a lustful eye and the ability to melt Celaena. He’s caring, fun and playful, and knows how to cater to Celaena. In the end, will they be able to have a relationship that his father will approve of...if she’s not sent back to Endovier?

    The relationship between Celaena and Princess Nehemia is special. It’s an instant friendship that both women need and desire. It’s a friendship that is tested with ups and downs, and trials and triumphs. This relationship is another reason I’m looking forward to the second book.

    The next thing that I liked about Throne of Glass was the fantasy element. I enjoyed fantasy in my teens, but grew away from it. Throne of Glass brings that back for me.

    Throne of Glass also has plenty of adventure, with an ample amount of gore and guts. Celaena has unbelievable skill as an assassin and competitor. She duels and defeats everyone she faces, even when not in the best shape. Yet she still has a compassionate heart for some of her fellow competitors, and takes risks to keep them out of danger.

    Last...but not least....I enjoyed the romantic element of the book. I wouldn’t quite call it a love story, but it’s a love story evolving, that I hope to see played out in the future books.

    I often find that when I venture out of my comfort genres, I’m pleasantly surprised. I chose to read Throne of Glass because of the growing interest in Game of Thrones. I try as often as I can, to venture from my comfort genres and into genres my library patrons read. Throne of Glass will definitely have shelf space in my library and be highly recommended to my readers!  416 pages  Grades 7 and up  (ages 12 and up)

 Recommended by: Mrs. Shawn Lane, Librarian, Texas USA

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Celaena Sardothien may be 17 years old but she is not afraid of anything or anyone.  Here is a heroine who blows all the stereotypes of female characters off the pages a la Katniss.  When Celaena sees the competition she's up against as she vies to become the King's Champion, she doesn't flinch and she doesn't worry and she doesn't have an ounce of self doubt.  Most of the time she has to hold herself back and bide her time as she imagines which weapon she would use and how satisfying it would be to give this particular smug macho man his comeuppance.  

Celaena is used to being thrown into situations she hasn't experienced before.  In fact she has been trained as an assassin and that means every kind of combat, overcoming a fear of heights, you name and she has been confronted by it.  How fabulous.  This could be you... or at least a part of you to turn to every now and then when life hands you the unexpected, uncomfortable challenge.  

Chosen by Prince Dorian, he of the charm and roving eye, to compete for the role of King's Champion, Celaena arrives at the castle and starts to size up her chances of escape and conquest.  She's engaged in a few simultaneous battles.  There's the ambitious raven haired beauty who is willing to sacrifice anything to become Prince Dorian's bride.  There's the handsome golden haired Captain Chaol who guards Celaena at the same time he's slowly making his way to her heart.  And certainly we don't want to forget the prince who is bored with sporting with one simpering, willing female after another and is looking for someone of character and substance who will make a partner he can truly love.  

Happily, Celaena is not only powerful in body and spirit, she is also cleaning up to be quite a knock out and seamstresses have whipped up a fabulous wardrobe for her.  I hope you're getting this picture.  She's got it all baby.  Now who is she going to pick and how is she going to knock off all the competitors in the secretive sporting contest that requires her to climb walls, shoot arrows, and take on men three times her size.  

Enter the unknown factor.... something dark, evil, powerful and threatening coming through an unseen portal.  How do you fight that?  

Romance, adventure, intrigue, the supernatural, and best of all a young woman up to any challenge.  If you long for a female character who can stand on her own two feet, here's your girl!  Ages 13 and up  some language  978-1599906959  404 pages

Recommended by:  Barb

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