Throne of Glass, Book 2: Crown of Midnight

Throne of Glass, Book 2:  Crown of Midnight

Breathtaking, sighworthy, seductive, and absolutely empowering, this is the story of Celaena, the men she loves, the identity and heritage she carries secretly in her heart, and a dark king whose ambition knows no bounds and whose hunger for power is ruthless.

And I wish this story would never, ever, ever end.  It's not often that book two in a series takes off with a life of its own that delivers an even more powerful story with an even more developed main character and two even more delicious males to choose from.  

Celaena is one of the most satisfying female characters I've read in a long time.  She is the King's Champion and that means she is the most deadly warrior in town.  She has all the passion, courage, strength and integrity you could ever want. Celaena is going to open all kinds of doors for you and it feels fantastic to go through them. You are about to discover some hidden places inside yourself where you hold on to some shadowy wishes and dreams and these feelings run deep and may surprise you.  But they are so, so satisfying!  

Trembling in the corner?  Not so much.  Making facing up to your own fears look more than possible?  Uh...yeah!  Not only more than possible but capable of revealing to you just how strong and powerful and capable you might be.  

Celaena receives her assignments from the king and they are a series of murders he needs committed.  It seems there are some traitorous thinkers roaming the streets and King Adarlan is simply cleaning up the mess.  He is a harsh and powerhungry man who appears to be holding on to some bits and pieces of magic as yet incomplete.  He is in pursuit of every possible advantage so he can eventually command total power over all.

So, Celaena lurks in the dark corners of streets and buildings gathering information and establishing the patterns of the lives of her intended victims.  Will she kill? Can she kill?  When it comes down to that decisive moment, is she strong enough to take a life?

Swirling around her world of intrigue and violence are two men, one a prince and the other the captain of the king's guard.  Dorian, the prince, is a man of character and integrity.  He is the kind of guy who is strong enough to let the love of his life go if he sees it is better for her.  He has chops this guy.  He is swoonworthy.  The other fellow, his best friend, Chaol, is equally principled and handsome enough to cause dozens of young ladies to stroll in the gardens early in the morning for a chance meeting with the handsome captain as he returns from his morning runs.  Who will Celaena choose?

Celaena has a dear friend, Princess Nehemia who shares her confidence and holds her own among the male royalty.  The princess is at court to protect and defend her own people and her own lands.  These two women stand strong together sharing a woman's world while wielding impressive personal power.

Which man will Celaena choose?  Will she survive?  Can she stand up to the demands of her job as the King's Champion and Assassin?  What truths lurk in the dark dungeons below the clock tower?  Has the magic truly been destroyed in every corner of the kingdom or has some been secretly locked away and now is finding its way to the light?

Ages 14 and up (sexual situations, violence, language)  978-1619630628   420 pages

Great for Tamora Pierce readers, Robin McKinley readers.

Recommended by: Barb

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