Thrifty Guide to Ancient Rome: A Handbook for Time Travelers

Thrifty Guide to Ancient Rome: A Handbook for Time Travelers

Like The Thrifty Guide to the American Revolution, this guide is purportedly for the many time travelers around in 2150, after time travel devices become widespread, and the devastation of their messing about in history is addressed by Time Patrols. In this future world, Time Corps rules much of North America, and it's head, Finn Greenquill, is not above using time travel for his own personal gain.

This book does a little better job of giving an overview of daily life in Rome, although it is still insistent that Rome is a very dangerous place. In fact, the first chapter starts with the different sorts of dangers, including fire, flood and disease that you would face in Ancient Rome. Fashion, food, and entertainment are briefly covered before chapters on surviving different military actions occur. Because the span of years this book covers is much greater than that in the American Revolution, it is somewhat less helpful to time travelers, but is written with more wit. The chapter on Cleopatra and all of her political and romantic alliances is done in as delicate way a way as possible, although the topic of marrying relatives is certainly not avoided. "Mad" rulers also pose a problem to time travelers.

Roman history in schools certainly covers more of the political and military issues than the intricacies of daily life, so this book is very helpful to social studies teachers and students who want to know more about this fascinating time period. That said, as a former Latin teacher, I do wish that more coverage were given to daily life, social mores, and general details of how people lived, not whom they fought!

144 pages    978-0451479600     Ages  8-12

Recommended by:  Karen Yingling, Libary Specialist, Ohio USA

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From the publishing house that brought you the Who Was? books comes the next big series to make history approachable, engaging, and funny!

The Thrifty Guide to Ancient Rome contains information vital to the sensible time traveler:

• Where can I find a decent hotel room in ancient Rome for under five sesterces a day? Is horse parking included? • What do I do if I’m attacked by barbarians? • What are my legal options if I’m fed to the lions at the Colosseum?

All this is answered and more. There is handy advice on finding the best picnicking spots to watch Julius Caesar’s assassination at the Roman Forum in 44 BC, as well as helpful real estate tips to profit from the great Roman fire of AD 64. There are even useful recommendations on which famous historical figures to meet for lunch, and a few nifty pointers on how to avoid being poisoned, beheaded, or torn apart by an angry mob.

If you had a time travel machine and could take a vacation anywhere in history, this is the only guidebook you would need!--from the publisher

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