The Door in the Forest

The Door in the Forest

It is 1923 and Daniel lives in the small town of Everwood which has always had a secret. There is a mysterious island surrounded by deep forest. The water is full of deadly water snakes. The island is surrounded by quick sand and is sewn shut by vines. No one has ever crossed over to the island and lived. Is there a secret way in? Some people think so. It is a time of “Uncertainties” (war) that is plaguing the surrounding towns of Everwood. They see refugees come through all the time but have always been safe. Until Captain Sloper and his soldiers come into town to find traitors. Once they arrive, things start to change quickly. Daniel who can never tell a lie and his brother Wes who is an expert in map reading and Emily Byrdsong the local witch’s granddaughter who can read minds come together to fight against Sloper and his soldiers. To save their town and find Emily’s grandmother they need to use Emily’s map and find the secret passage into the island. What will they find if they succeed and will it help them to beat Captain Sloper? Ages 8-13

Recommended by Joleen Waltman, Librarian, Idaho, USA


While trying to outrun the soldiers who have occupied their small town, Emily, who has discovered she has magical powers, and 14 year old Daniel, who cannot lie, are drawn to a mysterious island in the middle of a forest. The children have been often warned not to go to this island. Story is fast-paced and very captivating.

Recommended by Frank Hodge, Emeritus Booktalker of HODGE-PODGE Books, New York, USA

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