The Bell Bandit (The Lemonade War Series, Book 3)

The Bell Bandit (The Lemonade War Series, Book 3)

Grandma has accidentally set her house on fire, which means Evan has to sleep on the couch in the living room while the whole house is turned into a construction site. And when Jessie showshoes her way up Lovell's Hill, she finds that the New Year's Eve bell is missing. Who would steal the bell? How can Jessie and Evan get it back in time for New Year's Eve? And why does Grandma seem so different?  (From the jacket flap)

Every year for New Year’s, Evan and Jessie Treski go to their grandmothers and ring the bell on Lovell's Hill. This year everything is different.  There’s been a fire at Grandma’s house and she has broken her wrist.  The Jessie and Evan discover the bell is missing from Lovell’s Hill.  When Grandma returns from the hospital, something seems to be not quite the same.  Jessie and Evan struggle to make sense of the changes in their lives as Jessie and her new friend Maxwell search for the bell.  Short chapters drive the action in this book which deals with a number of real issues children face; including aging grandparents; different people; people on the autism spectrum; growing up, and facing change. Can be read independently of the other books in the series.  Ages  8-11

192 pages

ISBN: 978-0547567372

Reviewed by Alice L. Cyphers, Librarian and Reading Specialist, Pennsylvania, USA


Something has changed in Evan and Jessie's world and that something is Grandma.  

Every year the Treski family drives up to Grandma's for New Year's Eve for the ringing of the bell.  It's one of those traditions they cherish.  The youngest and oldest members of the community do the honors.  But this year Evan, Jessie and Mom are driving up early.  Grandma's house caught on fire and she's in the hospital recovering.

When they arrive at Grandma's house, they're shocked to see a huge hole where the room Evan always slept in.  It's just gone.  All kinds of confusing, scary things start happening.  When the world is turning upside down, how will Evan and Jessie handle the change?  Ages 9-12  (Alzheimer's, animal abuse, autism)

Recommended by:  Barb


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