The Web Files

The Web Files
Ducktective Web and his partner, Bill, are investigating fowl play down in the coop area. Dum de dum dum. Hen has been robbed. Down at headquarters, Muffet has tuffet issues and Peep is missing her sheep. They're trying to pin everything on Little Boy Blue but he won't quack. Can these two dedicated detectives crack the case? This is a melodrama set on the farm with a motley crew of nursery rhyme characters and some hilarious wordplay.

32 pages Ages 4-8 978-0786804191

Recommended by: Barb Langridge, ***********

"DUM DE DUM DUM... This is the farm. Peaceful. Full of chickens, horse, sheep, and intrigue. Intrigue? Yes - intrigue. Someone has pilfered a peck of perfectly picked purple peppers. Ducktective Web and his partner Bill are hot on the trail of the pepper pincher, but this could be a hard case to quack. Little Boy Blue has an airtight alibi and Jack Horner won't talk. Meanwhile, vegetables are vanishing all over the farm.

Through some fast-paced wordplay and quick ducktective work, Web is able to track down the culprit, and seize That Dirty Rat before all the salad-makings are snatched."--from the publisher

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