The Sun Is Also a Star


It just can't be happening.  Natasha and her parents and little brother have a matter of hours before they are going to be deported back to Jamaica.  Natasha should be thinking about prom and college visits.  She left Jamaica at the age of eight and this is her country now but her family overstayed their visa by years and years and now they are living in the U.S. as undocumented workers with fake social security cards.

Daniel's brother, Charles has been kicked out of Harvard, going against the American Dream their parents have fought for.  Now it's Daniel's turn to follow his parents' plan for him.  He has an interview with Yale today and he's on the path to become a doctor even though he has the heart of a poet.

Do we have control over our lives?  Is everything moment, every experience pre-determined and leading us on in some ordained pattern created by the three Fates of Greek mythology or something similar?

A string of events lead Natasha and Daniel to each other.  Natasha is in her favorite record store and has just discovered her ex-boyfriend making out with his current girlfriend while the girlfriend is shoplifting merchandise and stuffing it down her shirt.

Daniel has followed Natasha into the store ... or actually he has followed her backpack into the store. The backpack with the words Deus Ex Machina may be the sign he is looking for to tell him whether his life is really all about being a Yale-educated doctor or not.

In a matter of minutes Daniel and Natasha begin to connect.  Each has a life-altering appointment later that day.  Natasha believes in what she can see.  Daniel believes in the human soul.


This is a character-driven story, short chapters, quick pace about the meaning of life, the control we have over our choices, and the idea of love at first sight.  Do we have a soul?  Do our lives come down to being on the Earth to "evolve and survive" or are we here to make our dreams come true?

When Natasha meets Daniel, he suddenly realizes he may have just opened the door to a life that is extraordinary.  Could that happen to you?

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

Note:  Some language (F word), making out and some sexual touching

978-0553496680  344 pages  Ages 14 and up


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