The Right and The Real

The Right and The Real

When Jamie’s dad joins a cult and marries one of its members she refuses to join and sign the pledge. This starts her life into a downward spiral and she is disowned and left homeless with nowhere to go.

It all starts when she meets Josh, one of the most popular boys and the first boy outside of her drama geeks to show interest in her. She starts going to his church to get to know him better and to be able to spend more time with him. But when her dad joins and marries one of its members she won’t sign the pledge and join herself. Because of this she is disowned by her father and left homeless with nowhere to go.

She doesn’t tell her friends about her situation because she is afraid that someone will make her go and live with her drug-addicted mother in California.

She ends up in a pay-by-the-week, dirty, seedy motel where she meets LaVon, a grandfather and parolee who is trying to turn his life around. LaVon becomes her mentor and friend -- even teaching her how to clean and cook.

She gets a job at a coffee shop near the motel and becomes friends with Trent, the morning manager. As her relationship grows with Trent she starts to see that maybe what she had with Josh was not that great after all.

Jamie puts everything she has into surviving on her own and pushing forward so she can make her dreams come true -- her dream to move to New York and go to college.

When things are looking pretty bleak, her dad gets into serious trouble and she has to decide whether to help him out or move on with her own life. 282 pages


Recommended by Joleen Waltman , Librarian, Idaho, USA

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