The Red Blazer Girls: Mistaken Masterpiece

The Red Blazer Girls:  Mistaken Masterpiece

7th-graders Sophie and her friends, who call themselves The Red Blazer Girls after the uniform of their Catholic school, embark on solving a case involving mistaken identities, switched paintings, and some priceless family heirlooms. The Red Blazer Girls' (students and detectives at St. Veronica's School in Manhattan) latest case comes by way of old friend Father Julian, who asks them to look into the history of an heirloom painting left to his father.

   In order to get the right price for the art, the girls must prove that it was created before 1961, the year of the artist's death. With nothing to go on except the painting and hundreds of old family photographs, the four friends at St. Veronica's School in Manhattan accept the case.

  In addition to the mystery at hand, first-person narrator Sophie finds herself juggling dog-sitting for a movie star, swim team, and forging a friendship with an enemy, along with fostering a budding music career. In addition, she and boyfriend Raf are trying to expand their relationship, but he can't stay out past 8:30.

  Beil has crafted an appealing story line for mystery fans. Intellect, curiosity, and determination are celebrated in the four main characters.  Ages 10 and up  320 pages  978-0375867408

Recommended by: Beverly Wrigglesworth, Librarian, Texas USA

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