The Princess and the Pig

The Princess and the Pig

There's just nothing quite like a good fairy tale and this one has a great time pretending to be one and ending up as a fun and funny story. Once upon a time there was a farmer with a piglet. It was so tiny that no one wanted to buy it at market so he named it Pigmella and decided to keep it. Around the same time a queen had a baby. She was a very rich queen with seven nannies to take care of the baby. She named her baby Priscilla.

One day the queen was holding the baby when she heard a squishy noise coming from the baby's diaper and then she smelled a horrible smell. Dropping the baby she ran and she didn't notice that she had dropped the baby over the balcony. The baby went down and amazingly waiting below was the farmer with his pig, Pigmella, in their wagon. The baby dropped into the waiting wagon and up flew the pig landing neatly in the cradle that belonged to the princess, Priscilla.

Would anyone notice? Indeed they did and the king wisely explained that clearly a bad fairy had changed the princess into a pig just like the story of Sleeping Beauty. So, they kept her and raised her as a princess.

Meanwhile, what is happening to the princess? Well turns out there's a story that fits her situation too. In fact we follow a trail of stories that can explain just about anything. The moral of the story clearly is that it is important to know your fairy tales if you are to make it successfully through the world. Be sure to keep your sense of humor too. You'll need it especially while you're reading this romp. Ages 5-9

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