The Owl Keeper

The Owl Keeper

Silver wings softly flutter overhead as a tiny, lone owl settles into the moon lit branches of the owl tree. Each night while his parents sleep, eleven year old Max sneaks out of the house to join the little owl and wait for the owl keeper. Night after night, Max and the silver owl keep each other company until one night a young girl named Rose joins them. Together they will learn some horrifying secrets and embark upon a journey of discovery that will change their lives. You see, Max and Rose live in a world where even the weather is controlled by the High Echelon. But can the High Echelon control Max and Rose? Or even one tiny silver owl?

If you’re studying the weather, the environment, or even genetics, this novel would be an excellent addition. With a coming of age storyline reminiscent of The Giver, the novel’s society is controlled by leaders called the High Echelon. Unfortunately, the High Echelon hasn’t gotten everything right. They have messed up the weather, tried to exterminate a species, and are fooling around with genetic manipulation.

Recommended for middle school; 306 pages. Contributed by Margaret Bruch, Librarian.

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