The Monster Who Did My Math

The Monster Who Did My Math

It's late on a Sunday night and this little guy has left his math homework to the last minute. He hates math. Numbers really make him sweat. When he opens his book to look at the problems, he wishes they'd all go away. Suddenly a monster appears and offers to do the work for him. Sign on the line and it will all be done. So, he signs and when the monster asks if the boy will pay now or later, the boy chooses later. So, the monster gets to work and does it all. Addition, subtraction and graphing are not this little guy's problem anymore. But the next day at school when the teacher calls the boy to the board, he doesn't know what to do....his hiney is toast." Back at home he owes that monster and now he comes up a bit short. Will he find enough coins that will add up for him? Now it's his turn to do his homework and with the monster cringing in the background, the little boy tackles the decimal problems. The monster shouts, "You need me." The boy works on and as he does he starts to put that monster right where he belongs.


What if a monster showed up in your bedroom and said he would do all of your math homework for you?Would you pay him to do that?What if he got all the problems right and you got an “A” for your work?But then, what if the teacher called you up to the board to show everyone how to do the problems?Uh oh.

One little boy who hates math calls on a monster who offers
to help do his homework. It all seems to be working out fine until one day
in class the teacher asks him to do some work on the board. When he can't
pull through with the math problem, he goes home to scold the monster.
The math monster tells him to read the contract. The monster demands his
payment in full and takes all the boys money, but the boy is still short two
fifty-two. Will he be able to pay up? Will the little boy ever be able to do his
math homework by himself?
Recommended by:  Lisa Romans, Librarian, Georgia USA

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