The Great Thanksgiving Escape

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Candlewick September 2014
Social Studies Curriculum

Nooooo...not the Thanksgiving dinner with the relatives!!!  Well-wrapped Gavin and his family have just arrived at Grandma's house for Thanksgiving.  I don't know about the over the river and through the woods part but the woohoo we're here thing is so not happening for this little guy.

The grown-ups pile their coats in one of the bedrooms where all the babies are chasing flies and pouring out their milk and this is where they land Gavin with instructions to play and have fun!  Dodging the flying blocks is not that much of a good time.  Gavin appears doomed until his cousin, Rhonda, who is wiggling out from under her hiding place in the coat pile offers him some hope.   They're going on the lam despite the turkey.

Rhonda has a plan.  She knows where the swing set is and she's going to make her own fun for a change.  Cue the Jaws music because these two valiant warriors are about to run the gauntlet of vicious guard dogs, the aunts, the wall of butts and the room of zombies.  Will they live to hold a drumstick?  

The ordinary surroundings of grandma's house and the slightly comatose over-fed pooches create a perfect foil for the dangerous mission and these superheroes determined to have a good time.  The tension mounts as they face one challenge after the other.  They are after a good time and they deliver one for us with all the trimmings.

This book is going to be a new family tradition at Thanksgiving and it may be grandma who ends up turning the pages.

978-0763663063  32 pages   Ages 5-9

Recommended by Barb,

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