The Giant Hug

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The Giant Hug

It's Granny Pig's birthday and her grandson knows exactly what he wants to send her...a giant hug. Will he draw a picture of himself hugging his Granny? No, he has a better idea. He's going to hug the mailman and ask him to send the hug to Granny. In the post office, Owen the grandpig, delivers a giant hug to the mailman. Then, animal by animal the chain of hugs forms and the hug is sent and felt all along the way along with Granny's address.Even James who is not the hugging type decides to do his duty and surrender a hug to Captain Johnson the pilot of the plane. One by one they feel the wonder of a hug and their day gets a bit brighter. This is by far the best piece of mail ever delivered. Ages 4-8 40 pages

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