The Fire Within

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The Fire Within

David Rain is a college freshman with a fire for writing though he sometimes finds it difficult to keep that creative fire glowing. He is a boarder in the Pennywhistle house. Lucy Pennywhistele has a fire for nature, but especially for squirrels which she befriends and names. Her neighbor, Mr. Bacon, calls them "tree rats" and traps them, so Lucy has plenty of tinder to keep her resolve as rescuer aflame. Liz Pennywhistle, Lucy's mother, is a otter. She has a studio at the top of the house where she forms dozens and dozens of little clay dragons and they are placed everywhere throughout the house. They are so lifelike, sometimes their eyes seem to have a violet glint and you can almost hear them call...hrrrrr. Later books in this series, ICE FIRE and FIRE STAR strengthen the dragon element. This first book is about the magic in David, Liz, Lucy and maybe, you, and of course those "dear" little dragons....hrrr.. Submtted by M.G. Ages 10 -14

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