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  • Ascendance Series Book 1: The False Prince

Ascendance Series Book 1: The False Prince

Ascendance Series  Book 1:  The False Prince

He lives by his wits. He speaks his mind, follows his own convictions, relies on himself in every possible situation and slowly we begin to understand that he is one step ahead of everyone he meets, even those in the highest power positions. Yet, he wakes to find himself bumping along bruised and wounded in a rough wagon with his hands tied behind his back. Meet Sage, an orphan who has been chosen along with two other orphan boys, Roden and Tobias to compete for an incredible opportunity.

Bevin Conner, nobleman, has arrived at Sage's orphanage to find candidates he can pass off as the prince of the realm. News has reached him secretly that the king, queen and heir to the throne have been murdered and Conner fears war is imminent if their land, Carthya, is perceived as in a state of weakness. But there was another prince. This prince was killed at sea by pirates though no body has ever been found. It is Conner's plan to spend the next two weeks grooming these three boys and the one boy who rises above the others in swordplay, etiquette, horsemanship and book learning will be the new prince. What will happen to the other two? Conner has no plan to leave anyone standing who might betray him so the three boys understand that this competition is a battle for life and death.

This story is a journey by wagon in the direction of the castle and the announcement that the long lost prince has been discovered. This story is also a journey of a thief and a liar that opens to new possibilities as we watch Sage in action. Left-handed, clumsy, inept and a lacking student, he nonetheless climbs out his window to explore the grounds at night and is willing to withstand torture before revealing the whereabouts of his precious but small lump of gold. It's a battle of iron wills.

It's a great blend of challenges, injustices, adventures, hope, revelations and creates a fascinating combination of characters and a compelling quest.

342 pages   978-0545284141         Ages 9-14

Recommended by: Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

ALSC Tween Recommended Reads  http://www.ala.org/alsc/sites/ala.org.alsc/files/content/Tween13_RecReadsList.pdf

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I love this book so much. I checked it out from the library a few months ago, read it, re-read all my favorite scenes as soon as I reached the last page, re-read the entire book, then had to return it. Flash forward to the present and my one-month-old copy has been read at least twice, and I still love it to pieces. It's just that good.

Sage is an orphan off the streets who gets bought by a man named Conner, who has a scheme to take the throne. Sage and two other boys are in a contest to be chosen as an impersonator of a dead prince, and they all know the two losers will wind up dead. Sage is headstrong, stubborn, never cautious, and extremely pigheaded, but we soon learn that everything he does has a carefully calculated purpose in this game of wits.
It is cleverly paced, has a wonderful plot twist (even though I predicted it from the first time I read the book description - she twists and turns your thoughts until you're still surprised at the end, even if you saw it coming), and the characters are never completely as they seem at first. Every single character I can think of but one has at least some kind of secret or hidden agenda. I love it.
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