The Faeries' Promise: Silence and Stone

The Faeries' Promise: Silence and Stone

There was a time, once, when faeries, humans, and magical creatures lived side by side in peace, and young faerie Alida enjoyed her charmed life as a princess. Just before her mother could teach her to fly, though, Alida was kidnapped and trapped in a dungeon for centuries by the evil Lord Dunraven. In the years since her imprisonment, a law was passed that prohibits any contact between faeries and humans. With no way out of her tower cell, poor Alida has begun to fear that she will never see daylight or her family again. One day, everything changes when a brave young human boy named Gavin decides to risk breaking the law to free the captured faerie. Their road is a long and dangerous one, and poor Alida doesn’t even know how to fly or do magic any more. Will Gavin be able to protect his new friend and keep her identity a secret from the guards who pursue them? Will Alida regain her magical abilities and find her family? Fantasy lovers will enjoy every minute of this winning tale of friendship and magic, the first in a brand new series that follows Alida and Gavin throughout their adventures.

128 pages. Ages 8-10

Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian.

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