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  • The Faceless Ones: Skulduggery Pleasant Book Three

The Faceless Ones: Skulduggery Pleasant Book Three

The Faceless Ones: Skulduggery Pleasant Book Three

Continuing right after the events of Playing with Fire, The Faceless Ones tells the story of Skulduggery Pleasant, skeleton detective and wizard, and Valkyrie Cain – wizard apprentice and descendent of The Ancients. The book begins as Valkyrie and Skulduggery are investigating the murder of several teleporters, people with the ability to transport themselves anywhere by disappearing and reappearing, when they discover these murders are linked to a murder fifty years ago. The Sanctuary may be able to help, but Skulduggery is no longer welcome there so he seeks out the Sea Hag for help. The Sea Hag holds the key to the reason for these murders and why there is so much time between them.
Also, a secret society called the Diablerie is reforming to bring back the Faceless Ones. The Diablerie was originally started and lead by China Sorrows. Will China regain her position as leader of the Diablerie or has she changed her allegiance?Will Skulduggery and Valkyrie be able to stop the Diablerie before it’s too late? True motives are revealed and lines are drawn in book three of this amazing series. Ages 10-14 432 pages

Recommended by Jessica Sowder, Librarian.

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