The Book of Mistakes


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Dial Books 2017
Character-Building Curriculum

Some of us need to be taught.  We need some practice. We need to see that we will always make mistakes---there's no changing that. But magically, we can learn to turn our mistakes into pathways that lead to something better.

Here is a delightful, spontaneous, splendid lesson in using your imagination and going forward to somewhere new and unexpected when it looks like your mistake is telling you there is nowhere to go; there is nothing to be done; things are wrong.

As it turns out and as is astonishingly revealed here, if you give yourself the room, the space, to make mistakes, you will actually set yourself free and will arrive in an amazing world where fun and happiness are normal.  Isn't that where you thought you were headed?

So follow along s this artist seemingly bungles the drawings.  An eye too big here, a neck too long there , a blot of ink --each one could be a crumpley, rumpley piece of paper headed to the wastebasket.  Or...they could be free tickets for the ride to amazement!

56 pages                     978-0735227927            Ages 4 and up

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge,

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