Tempestuous (Wondrous Strange Trilogy, Book 3)

Tempestuous (Wondrous Strange Trilogy, Book 3)

After the explosive demonstration of Sonny’s power at the end of Darklight and the vision she keeps having of him being killed for it, Kelley makes a hard decision. In order to protect him from his one weakness – her - she lets Sonny overhear her saying that she doesn’t love him to be sure that he will stay away from her. Since faery can’t lie (supposedly), he believes her and takes off on his own to roam the city. Kelley is determined to protect Sonny by replacing the charm, the song that hides who he is and the power he contains from everyone including himself. She must also figure out who plans to gain his powers by killing him before it is too late."

Sonny, while wandering around NYC, meets up with a group of lost Fae and discovers that some of the nomads are being hunted down and brutally attacked by Janus guards that have gone rogue.

While each is trying to solve their individual problems, both Kelley and Sonny have to figure out who to trust in time to prevent disaster from falling on both the mortal and the faery worlds.

Can Kelley learn to use her power as the daughter of Auberon and Mab before it’s too late to save everything and everyone she loves? And can she do it without getting distracted by the Fennrys Wolf who seems to care deeply for her? When Sonny’s hidden power is awakened by those who seek to steal it, will it be used to destroy the world and the girl that he swore to protect?

This is such an exciting conclusion to all the intrigue and romance that has been experienced in the previous two books! 361 pages

Recommended by Brandy Huffman, Librarian


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