Tales of Bunjitsu Bunny


Isbael Bunny is wonderful at martial arts. She is probably the best student in her bunjitsu class, which is why everyone calls her Bunjitsu Bunny. How did she get to be so good? Bunjitsu Bunny knows something very important: the best student isn’t always the one who yells the loudest kicks the hardest. Self-control and humility can be just as important as strength.

In a series of gentle and funny short stories, Bunjitsu Bunny illustrates her many virtues in true Zen fashion. Where other students might lose their cool, Isabel calmly uses her wits and patience to navigate tricky situations. What should she do when the bunjitsu school is locked? How can she handle a sparring match with a much bigger opponent? How can she learn to conquer her nightmares?

Independent readers will be charmed by Bunjitsu and her lessons, and the Asian-inspired illustrations complement the tales perfectly. Isabel will spark some great conversations between children and their parents and will be an especially sweet role model for kids who are interested in learning martial arts.

128 pages  Ages 6-8  978-805099700

Recommended by Molly Crumbley, Librarian, MD, USA.

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