Swarm of Bees


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Little Brown Books for Young Readers April 2019
Character-Building Curriculum

Ever get mad?  Really, really, really mad?  So mad you want to sting somebody?

A swarm of bees is loose in the neighborhood and a little boy is watching as they fly, fly, fly in a cloud out of their hive and past the sailor and his mother.  They are an angry swarm of bees.  Will they sting the sailor? His mother?  The cat?  It's a merry chase and a whole lot of suspense.  Who is going to feel the sting of that big, angry swarm of bees?

Bright colors dance across the pages as we follow the bees wondering how this will end.  A fun way to show children that you understand just how it feels to be so, so, so very mad.  It feels like an angry swarm of bees is bottled up inside you.  Just like that.  It feels even better when those bees figure out a way to calm down.  Everyone needs a beekeeper inside.

48 pages          978-0316392822          Ages 3-6

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com


From the bestselling author of The Dark comes another brilliantly illustrated picture book that takes on an intense childhood emotion--this time, anger--in a rollicking, kid-friendly way.

Whether you're a kid or a bee, sometimes you feel so mad, you buzz around looking for people to sting and trouble to make. See how one boy, a swarm of bees, and a whole town can get riled up and then find a way to feel better through the comfort of unconditional love and community.

Printed in a brilliant palette of primary colors, brimming with beautiful dots and stripes, Rilla Alexander's art sings. Not since David Shannon's No, David! have readers been given the pleasure of witnessing such uproariously terrible behavior, unbridled emotion, and ultimately, such comfort.--from the publisher

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