What can you do with a button?  Can something that small take you somewhere really big?

Our story begins wiht a tired, battered ship and two good friends who happen to be pirates.  Most deliciously, it is the younger pirate - the smallish one- who sports the peg leg suggesitng a vivid past filled with stories worth telling.  This peg leg alone makes the book worth reading.

Fate steps in and pops a button off the patched, once stylish, green coat of the larger pirate who is definitely down-at-the-mouth as he looks back at his delapidated ship.  Enter one of the most powerful things known across the seven seas - an idea.

This is a happy book.  Our peg-legged adventurer is setting sail on a journey of swaps.  If he gives up the button and gets two partially cracked green tea cups in return, has he arrived at his final treasure? Not so me hearties.

More swaps, more possibilities lie ahead in the vast sea of opportunity.  Leading us forward like a hopeful, promising figurehead, the swaps create a journey and a tale.  Ahoy! Avast! Anchors away..all three of them!

Follow the warm colors of imagination through the black and white background and set sail for the land of adventure.

978-0763679903   40 pages  Ages  4-8

Recommended by:  Barb Langridge, abookandahug.com

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