Superhero School


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Bloomsbury 2009
Mathematics Curriculum

Leonard has superpowers. He can hit a baseball into orbit, has clobbered a giant lava monster and can use heat vision to weld broken bridges.  What's not to love?  

Now his parents are sending him off to a special school...Superhero School!  Leonard is ready.  Bring on the speeding trains, the huge tornadoes, the tall buildings waiting to be leapt in a single bound.  But, no, Superhero School is not what Leonard expected.

He has to do math.  We're talking fractions, multiplication and even long division.  What is a superhero to do?  Twenty math problems?  

Happily, the school will soon find itself in a dire situation..the kind of situation that only a superhero can manage.  A superhero who knows how to do fractions, multiplication and division that is.  

Wonderful adventure story about a superkid who learns just enough math to help him solve his biggest problems!  

Ages  5-9   978-1599901664   32 pages

Recommended by:  Barb

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