Super Adventures of Ollie and Bea It's Owl Good

's owl good

Ollie is an owl who wears glasses. And Bea is a bunny with very big feet. Can they become friends and help each other find their otter-ly awesome inner superpowers? Find out in this early graphic novel that will get young readers giggling with its silly puns and playfully paneled story.---from the publisher

64 pages                             ‎ 978-1663977175                       Ages 4-7

Keywords: early reader, graphic novel, owl, bunny, fun, humor, friends, glasses, being different, accepting others, acceptance, 4 year old, 5 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old, getting along


Ollie is an owl who wears glasses. And Bea is a bunny with very big feet. They don't know it yet, but they are about to be best friends. Can they help each other to find their OTTER-LY awesome inner superhero?

This is a new series in graphic novel format for young readers transitioning from the basal readers of commercial reading schemes to less-controlled books offering a stepping stone to more complex "early chapter books". Tremi has endowed her characters with the usual charm so they appeal to her audience and Owl's constant corny puns offer an introduction to this play on words as a humorous concept. Told as a continuous conversation primarily between Owl and Bea, unlike her Sherlock Bones series, this one has blank backgrounds that therefore place the emphasis on the characters and what they are saying, another opportunity to explore the concept of how critical dialogue can be to carry the story.

Young readers will relate to and like Ollie and Bea, seeing parts of themselves in each, and will no doubt look forward to further adventures.

Recommended by: Barbara Braxton, Teacher Librarian, New South Wales AUSTRALIA

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